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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

More About the Aberdeen Train Station and Commuter Lot

For those interested in Aberdeen Township controlled parking at the Aberdeen train station to catch the North Jersey Coast train, I snapped a few photos of the parking signs and the payment kiosk to give you an idea of the situation. There are few daily spaces, so get to the station early if you want a space. Permit parking is for all intents and purposes unavailable.

You will notice that the signs, which are just across the street from each other, disagree slightly on the number of parking spaces. One says there are 225 daily parking spaces (in yellow) and 500 permit spaces (in white), while the other says there are 210 daily, 469 permit, and 22 handicapped accessible spaces. The latter is apparently more recent and the older one hasn't been corrected. The difference is surely due to the marking of accessible spaces, which can take more room than regular spaces.

You can park in empty permit spots after 10 am for the regular daily rate. Daily parking is free after 4:30 pm. Parking is free on holidays and weekends.

Note that Matawan Borough has its own parking spaces with a separate set of rules, payment kiosk, and another unbelievably long list for permit parking.

The reason there are not more daily parking spaces is likely because the township and borough don't want to attract more vehicles into local streets. A shuttle is available to bring people back and forth from free commuter parking at the PNC Arts Center, but that's a lame effort that hasn't worked well. It's too bad, really. I commute to Metropark because daily parking is available and the cheaper fare into the city helps defray the parking costs.

My daughter got a pic of the old Matawan train station, which was recently refurbished. One of the new double-decker trains happened to be in the station, so I got some shots of it as it departed for NYC. (The view is to the NNW from the Atlantic Avenue crossing)


  1. The waiting list is 14 years because the land is owned by the state so the town can't discriminate between locals and non-locals.

    Also, there was a fire by the train station - A house was totally destroyed but nobody was physically harmed. Thank God for our volunteer firefighters and EMT.

    I don't know why, but the township never posted information on the election today for the fire districts. I only learned of it last minute and didn't have time to post at my blog. I arrived at the end of the day and was voter 110.

    We need to do more to give our volunteers the recognition they deserve.

  2. I feel disenfranchised all of a sudden. The local governments and local papers both let this go by without comment. No wonder the Asbury Park Press is going out of business. I think I'll complain to the township about not posting a notice about the elections. I'm glad you got to vote, at least. Thanks for letting me know. APP could learn a thing or two from what this Middlesex Co paper provided to its readers: http://www.mycentraljersey.com/article/20090219/NEWS/902190370/1010/newsfront MyCentralJersey.com