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Sunday, February 8, 2009

New Aberdeen Township Web Page

For a few weeks now, Aberdeen Township's web site has had a new design. Kudos to the webmaster for the effort.

Aberdeen Web News is available for free by subscribing online. Monthly newsletters are also available. You can subscribe for Code Red, which notifies you quickly when there is an emergency situation in the township. You can even file a resident service request form online so the township can address a concern or complaint.

For those who are lucky enough to have a parking permit or who get up early enough to find one of the daily spaces, Aberdeen now posts the train station parking rules. If you want to catch the bus, you can park at Strathmore Shopping Center now. The rules for doing that can be found online.

A couple of notes: The bus parking page doesn't exactly say why someone would want to pay a premium to park at the bowling alley. It might be helpful to explain the relationship to the transit system. Also, the URL and the title of the page misspell the shopping center's name as Stratmore.

A relic of the old Aberdeen Township site is an online notice saying there is a fourteen-year wait for parking at the train station. I knew it was a long time, but golly gosh, Batman! Does anyone in the township know what sort of earnings the township is getting from those spaces? I hope we are making more than the people in the neighborhood who are shrewd enough to charge market rates to those willing to park on their lawns for a nice chunk of monthly change. That page is no longer linked to the township site -- probably best not to brag about having to think so far ahead about your parking needs.


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