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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Flapper Bathing Beauty Up for Bid

There's an interesting photograph for sale at eBay of a young woman in a one-piece bathing suit posing on the sand at Cliffwood Beach. The seller says the photo is dated July 1929.Bidding starts at $7.99.

I've never seen an image of Cliffwood Beach like this before.The woman is standing in front of an eight-foot high wooden fence or barrier with rough-hewn pier pylons supporting it. Is that part of the old boardwalk? Can someone confirm that this photo could have been taken here at that time?

I think I see a thermos bottle and some other items to her right, possibly on a blanket. There are some other items behind her in the sand. Perhaps she is a girl from New York City who came down by train for a bit of fun at the shore?


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