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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Matawan Journal Advertisers (Sep 1869)

The third issue of The Matawan Journal was published as The Monthly Advertiser in Sep 1869. Below is a rundown of the businesses and businessmen and women appearing in this 4-page leaflet, most as advertisers.

Page 1
  • Dr J G Shackleton, physician and surgeon with offices at his drug store in Matawan
  • J P Geran, dentist, Matawan (opposite the bank) and Freehold (opposite the Freehold National Banking Company)
  • William L Atkinson, house, sign and ornamental painter, with a shop in the rear of Fountain, Horner and Sons' store, Matawan.
  • Doctor McKinney, office at his drug store, Main Street, Matawan
  • William D Bailey, manufacturer of sashes, blinds, doors, moldings, etc, Main Street, Matawan
  • Vanschoick and Dunn, manufacturers of stone and earthenware and draining tile, Matawan
  • James Reid, painting, graining, marbling, glazing, etc, office at his residence on Main Street (above the tannery)
  • Doctor W Hodgson, office at Lockport, NJ
  • John Aumock, clocks and sewing machines cleaned, repaired and for sale, Matawan
Page 2
  •  C T Bailey, -- and Provision Store, at the old stand of D P Bailey, opposite the tannery, at the upper edge of the village. The store has been re-opened and stocked with the choicest groceries, provisions, and liquor.
  • George W Bell's drug store, Matawan, featuring Ring's Vegetable Ambrosia for gray hair by Philander Ring
  • Warren Ward and Company, Spring Street and Crosby St, New York
  • Timetable for the Propeller S S Wyckoff, Matawan
  • F C Wells and Company, Fulton Street, NY, featuring Butler's Balsamic Mixture
  • George W Bell's drug store, Matawan, featuring Wistar's Balsam, with a testimony by Isaiah Hoff, who lived near Keyport
  • A T Howard, Principal, Glenwood Collegiate Institute, Matawan
  • Dr Hodgson's drug store, Lockport, NJ
  • There was a fire at Mrs Scott's Fancy Store, Keyport
  • One of three furnaces caught fire at O H Dudley and Company canning factory, Keyport
Page 3
  • G W Bell's drug store, Matawan, featuring an impedient treatment for hair
  • David A Bell, Matawan, agent for Globe Mutual Life Insurance Company, New York
  • George W Bell, druggist, Matawan, featuring perfumes and fancy articles
  • A H Harris, store adjoins Longstreet and Bray's lumber yard
  • D H Wyckoff and Company, selling coal
  • Schanck and Holbrook, dry goods
  • Mealio and Sickel's, Matawan, at the stand once occupied by Theo Fountain
  • S Steinbrink, clothing and gentleman's furnishings store, opposite the bank, Matawan
Page 4
  • T E Clark, millinery and fancy store, 2 doors above M Bissell's furniture warerooms
  • Thomas I ---, Middletown, dry goods, groceries
  • Henry J James, jeweler, Matawan
  • D H Wyckoff, Matawan, selling a second-hand Lillie's safe
  • Bell's impedient for hair
  • D A Bell, life insurance agent
  • George W Bell and Son, Matawan, selling Bell's Magnetic Liniment, with personal testimonies from Peter Lambertson of Jacksonville, NJ; Daniel Mack, Matawan; William Pitman, Matawan; Dayton T Manning, Matawan; A Pitman, Matawan; Edwin Wilmer, President, Manhattan Brick Company; Daniel Mehegan (?), Matawan; Gilbert W Conover, George Hunsinger; L B Battin (?), Paterson.
  • Martin Bissell, furniture
  • Stove and Tin Emporium, Matawan, with testimony of Gordon D White.
  • S Steinbrink, clothing and gentlemen's furnishing store, opposite the bank, Matawan
  • Brannin and Company, owned by Luke Brannin, J B Reid, and A S Dunlop, operated the Matawan Carriage Factory
  • William Spader, dealer in lumber, hardware, cutlery, with offices at Washington Hall, Matawan
  •  D B Strong, agent for Singer sewing machines, Monmouth county
  •   H and K H Wyckoff, wheelwrights and blacksmiths, Main Street, Matawan


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