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Thursday, March 15, 2012

History: Hoover Supreme Court Nomination Affects NJ Politics (1930)

President Herbert Hoover's Supreme Court nomination of John J Parker goes up in ashes and angers African Americans.
The 10 Oct 1930 edition of The Matawan Journal included this article (below) about the political ramifications in New Jersey of President Herbert Hoover's nomination of John J Parker to the US Supreme Court.

Incensed at the treatment of Republican leaders, a group of colored men have formed the Independent Progressive Political Organization, which has bolted the G. O. P. and endorsed former State Senator Alexander Simpson, Democratic nominee for United States senator. The forming of the organization is to be the forerunner to line up the colored voters for former Governor A. Harry Moore, for Governor next year. Tho organization held its first convention at Trenton Saturday. Senator Simpson was characterized as the "friend of the Negro." The association pledges 50.000 votes for Senator Simpson.

The bone of contention is the votes of United States Senator David Baird Jr.and Hamilton F. Kean for Judge John Parker, of North Carolina, for confirmation as a United States Supreme Court justice. It was alleged at the time that Parker was prejudicial to the colored people. Since the support of Senators Kean and Baird, the colored voters have been up in arms. They claim that they have received no courtesy from Governor Larson,  and that patronage for the colored people is nil. The movement is being led by former Assemblyman J. LeRoy Baxter, Essex County; Dr. Clement T. Branch, Camden; R. G. Thurmond, Morris County; W Cary Trueheart, Atlantic County; Robert Queen and Peyton Manning, of Mercer County.


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