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Thursday, March 29, 2012

History: Easter Fashion, Steinbach Co, Asbury Park (1926)

Below is a sampling of a full page ad from page 2 of the 26 March 1926 edition of The Matawan Journal, which urged the stylish Christian woman of the Roaring Twenties to buy her Easter clothing and accessories at Steinbach's of Asbury Park. The ad certainly testifies to the utter gravity of fashion long faced by the average woman attending worship on high holy days.  

— that great anticipated day when every whisper of Spring brings to every fashion-loving woman an impulse to match the freshness of the season with new togs and to sally forth — for this occasion and the gay days to follow, we've been preparing. With hurried trips to the fashion centers of Europe; with numerous, nimble little fingers skillfully active in our own workrooms; with interesting, new assortments — the Steinbach Shops are gloriously ready for Easter!

Frocks Gay as Spring's Own Days

And its by their simplicity of line — with of course an occasional flare or pleat here and there; by their fascinating new mezzo colors and lastly by their flattering new materials that you'll recognize the smartest new models one would choose for the Easter wardrobe. All frocks of infinite distinction — fashioned of georgettes, silk crepes and many times of lace. And priced $16.50 to $59.50.

Simplicity Marks the Smartest Coats

Debonair and slender — debonair and flaring are the ways of the new coats for Easter. But the secret of their smartness of discovered in their simplicity of styling. Many flaunt graceful capes, many are trimly appliqued with taffeta but nearly all are collared with soft, flattering furs. Strictly mannish models disclose vivid linings and facings and achieve their trig with ingenious tailoring. $24.50 to $79.50.

The Small Hat Tops the Easter Mode

The woman who would top her Easter costume smartly chooses her chapeau with the same care grandmother did her spring bonnet — and that was an occasion indeed! With the same indicism too perhaps when so many intriguing models are showing in the Steinbach Millinery Salon. Charming hats from famous Parisian ateliers and cleverest impore copies are here — the small hat with draped crown, berets, chic close fitting models and simply tailored hats. $8.50 to $50.00.


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