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Friday, September 9, 2011

Post 9/11 And Our Children

My daughter is nearly finished with college. Looking back, I realize she has shaped her worldview through some pretty traumatic times. The same is true with most of our children who've grown up post-9/11.

The kids in my daughter's classroom at what was then called the Matawan Avenue Middle School knew something was up on September 11th, 2001. One by one, their classmates were being called into the hall and sent home with their parents. We can only wonder what was going on in their minds as they imagined what might be happening in the world outside. Their teachers realized that some students had parents who commuted to the city each day and could very well be in peril. The kids would have to learn what was going on from a parent or loved one.

Once our children were confronted with the ugly facts of terrorism, what was once routine life became almost surreal. People were attaching flags to their car windows to show their patriotism. CNN was on all the time. My daughter's Indian and Muslim friends were scared to go to school. Kids had to let their parents retrieve the mail. Stranger Danger took on new meaning. And my daughter's Aberdeen-Matawan soccer league match had to be canceled because so many members of the Middletown team were attending a parent's funeral.

The media focus on children of victims of 9/11 is important, but just remember that all of our children are 9/11 survivors in so many ways.


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