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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

September Plants at Cliffwood Beach Seawall and Environs

Here are some pictures of the plants on and near the Cliffwood Beach seawall at this time of year. Perhaps someone can help with identifications of those I couldn't name?

The green and purple berries are on a mature pokeweed plant.

The yellow stalks are golden rod.


This unidentified plant has a thick, bamboo-like stalk and long, narrow green leaves. It grows off a central stem and spreads out horizontally. The plant is adorned with fuzzy light brown tails. 



  1. The one with the berries is definitely not milkweed. That's pokeweed. Very different.

    The one with the "light brown fuzzy tails" is likely some variety of smartweed. I'd need a closer look to be sure.

  2. Which features do you need? I can take a few more pics.