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Monday, September 5, 2011

JCP&L Stops Providing Detailed Outage Info; Lee and Katia

I wanted to see how many customers in our area might still be without power, but JCP&L has stopped providing detailed statistics on its outages map. Monmouth County is marked as having less than 500 outages, and each town is likewise marked. The towns used to be clickable, revealing the approximate number of outages, but no more. Less than 10 customers without power might be an informative statistic, but "less than 500 outages" requires more details. First Energy's most recent news release, dated 3 Sep 2011, said they expected power to be restored to most JCP&L customers as of 4 Sep 2011. Post a comment if there are still pockets of power outages in our area.

Weather reports are calling for Tropical Storm Lee to dump 2"-6" of rain in NJ and PA. The weather map suggests that the storm is coming north along the I-81 corridor, so the heavier amounts will fall closer to the Pennsylvania border and west. The forecasts call for the rain to begin late tonight (Monday) and run through Thursday. Preliminary models show Hurricane Katia's trajectory will turn away from the coast at the last minute and avoid US landfall, but the jury is still out, so watch for more definitive reports. If she doesn't turn, we're in for another, probably worse, storm.


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