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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Particularly Low? Or Just What You'd Expect?

By some remarkable coincidence, the Monmouth County Health Department has been invited by Aberdeen Township to give a brief presentation on the H1N1 virus at the high school on the very evening that the Republicans are hosting their Meet the Candidates gathering at the public library. And the Township's press release announcing this conflicting event was distributed less than 24 hours after the Republicans sent out their press release inviting citizens to their coffee and discussion event at the library.

Funny there are no press releases from the health department indicating any sort of initiative to deliver local community briefings. Not that more information wouldn't be helpful, but the county health department website has more than adequate information available to the public, as does Flu.gov.

Incumbency is a definite advantage in any election, but the Democrats seem to be stooping particularly low here, abusing their position. No debates and now no Meet the Candidates? Maybe you don't see it? Are your expectations of politicians so low that this doesn't seem to be egregious behavior?


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