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Monday, October 12, 2009

Acorns Aplenty in Cliffwood Beach

The large oak trees in my yard in Cliffwood Beach have been bombarding us with acorns for the past few weeks. They whack the roof of the house, the cars parked out on the street, and, once in a while, yours truly on the head.

People are seeing a lot of acorns this year up in Stamford, Connecticut, according to the Stamford Advocate.  An expert at the agricultural station in Stamford, dismissing the idea that it means anything about what's in store for us this winter, says the trees have a four to seven year cycle that produces periodic bounties of fruit. Probably due to the spring rains this year, he says. On The Snow.com says the people who watch the volume of acorns probably do about as well at predicting heavy snows as the professional meteorologists.

All I know is that once the acorns stop falling, the leaves will be falling. Then it will be out with the rakes and leaf blowers.


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