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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Hazards of Night Life

We had a rather dangerous ride home from Court Jester last evening. On Atlantic near CVS, a deer crossed our path. And on Route 35 North around Keyport, after the merge at Town and Country, we saw the red and blue lights of a police car approaching on the other side of the highway from down towards A&P. As we got closer to the bridge past Knights of Columbus and before Wendy's, the police officer started shining his/her mounted search light right into our eyes. As we tried to figure out what the cop was doing, we were suddenly passed on the left by a car on OUR SIDE OF THE HIGHWAY. Apparently the cop had been trying to alert us to dangerous oncoming traffic, which was admirable, but we might have had a better chance of spotting the vehicle if we hadn't been so distracted by his/her actions.

Actually, the hazards began with getting our bill at Court Jester. We were there for the Monday evening wings and tacos special, but we wanted side salads. We were charged over seven dollars for a caesar side salad, three dollars more than a regular side salad.


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