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Monday, October 12, 2009

Monmouth County Pumpkin Picking's In Full Swing - October 2009

It's definitely pumpkin picking time! We went to Holmdel Park on Holmdel Road and didn't think much about traffic. But on the way back, we wanted to visit the Matawan Walgreen's, so we took Route 34 northbound.

I was thinking I'd made a mistake when I saw how busy Casola Farms was. We were in a line of a dozen or so cars. Things snarled up at the Aberdeen border and we sat in stop and go traffic all the way to the Lloyd Road light. (Why do people with SUVs feel they have the right to go down the shoulder of the road? Sorry, but it is always SUVs. And often NY tags...)

Actually I didn't realize how much of the township is situated south of Lloyd Road. There are apartment developments, condominium communities, and several daycare centers. I haven't been to Luigi's Pizza in a while. Gotta go again. And there is an internet company called Skyweb and some associated web firms.


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