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Friday, October 2, 2009

Aberdeener Readers Bandy My Questions

I've been told that my questions to the Republicans campaigning for Aberdeen Council have been copied and pasted into the comments section of Aberdeener's recent post: The Debates that Never Happened. Someone with the screen name Tom Aljian posted a couple of nonresponsive comments, but who knows if it was really him. I'll post some questions for the Dems, hopefully this weekend. At least I can help frame the issues, even if there are no responses.

I think it is funny that the Aberdeener readers have been commenting on how the Dems have so many of those huge campaign signs around town. Most of the comments suggest that the Dems are insecure. I wonder how much the signs cost. Are they really that well funded? Just wait for the end of October -- our mailboxes will be filled with junk. Again at considerable expense. If  the Township was as well funded as the Dems seem to be, we'd all be sitting pretty and the election would already be decided. But we're not, and it's not.


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