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Monday, March 5, 2012

History: Matawan Township Primary, Found Red Cow, Etc (1874)

The 7 March 1874 edition of The Matawan Journal included some interesting news items.

Black Spanish Chickens
 The newspaper received from Mr Theodore Lisk a record-breaking 4 1/2 ounce egg laid by a hen of the Black Spanish breed. The egg beat the previous record holder, John F's 4 oz egg, by 1/2 an ounce.

The trip between South Amboy and Matawan was about to get much shorter (6 miles instead of 9) by the installation of a free bridge at the mouth of Cheesequake Creek, near the location of the former bridge. The Middlesex Board of Freeholders invited officials from Matawan to come to the site for discussions. A committee was formed and movement towards a new bridge was nearly guaranteed.

Locals were buying stock in the new New York and Long Branch Railroad. Workers were making progress on the line as fast as the weather would allow.

Bishop Michael A Corrigan
"A brutal dog fight took place on Tuesday evening of last week at the Swan Hotel, East Brunswick township, in the presence of a large number of persons, the stakes being $100 a side. The dogs fought in a large barn for two hours and five minutes, when MacGhee's 'purp' was declared the victor." 

Henry Patterson's barn burned down near Red Bank. Seven cows were saved but a badly burned horse had to be put down.

"Father Hickey, formerly of New Brunswick, has been suspended from the exercise of priestly functions by Bishop Corrigan." Hmmm.

Temperance societies in Bloomfield took out a newspaper ad warning local saloon and hotel keepers that if they continued selling liquor on Sundays, the societies would take them to court.

"The last meeting of the Literary Society was very interesting. Miss Arrowsmith's selection, in which the attempt of the husband to keep house met with no signal failure while his wife went on a visit for a few days, was very well read, and Mrs Terhune's history of that part of Matawan, from the Morristown road to Spring street, from its earliest record, was listened to with special attention."

John H Farry, the owner-operator of a Matawan hotel, held the primary meeting for Matawan Township at his place of business. The first order of business was to decide that it was a Democratic primary and no Republicans would be allowed to vote that day. Next, the host was named the Democratic candidate for Chosen Freeholder, claiming the home advantage over his only competitor, Captain William S Hornor. Other Democratic candidates were:
  • Judge of Election: K H Wyckoff
  • Town Clerk: C T Bailey
  • Assessor: Benj. Griggs
  • Collector: J H Hornor
  • Overseer of Poor: W W Hartshorne
  • Commissioners of Appeal: W W Disbrow, Josiah Van Schoik, L Cartan
  • Surveyors of Highways: L Cady, W L Roberts
  • Township Committee: Hendrick Wyckoff, James Lambertson, Abram Thompson
  • Constable: J N Disbrow
  • Pound Keepers: Wm W Disbrow, Jr, R Worrell, W Stillwaggon
They directed $1,000 for the poor and $600 for roads.
Next Election would be held at J H Farry's.
Next Town Meeting would be at R Worrell's

Mr Farry's Bavarian laborer named Henry Rote was kicked by a horse and severely injured.

Came to the premises of the subscriber on Tuesday Feb 17th
 with white back and large horns, 13 or 14 years old. The owner can have the same by proving property and paying expenses.  JAMES PREST. Marlboro Township, March 7th, 1874


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