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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Low Tide at the Cliffwood Beach Seawall

I took some photographs this afternoon along the Cliffwood Beach seawall at low tide. It was bright and sunny and the weather was crisp and calm. Gulls and geese swam in the still waters of the Raritan Bay while white birches stood vigil on the shore.

I noticed that the pole cameras are gone -- well, to be more precise, the cameras are gone but the old poles remain. And there is a green metal waste can at each end of the seawall, plus a covered trash can at the sidewalk near the little parking lot off Beach Drive. The Lakeshore Drive end of the seawall requires some work to provide formal access. I hope there is a plan for that. I thought there were supposed to be steps.

Birches along the seawall

The Amboys are visible to the west.

Low tide at Cliffwood Beach reveals remnants of an old bulkhead

New waste receptacles have been placed along the seawall

The new World Trade Center tower is easily viewable from Cliffwood Beach


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