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Sunday, January 8, 2012

History: Girls Soccer Begins at Matawan High School (1930)

1930 Florida State Girls Soccer Team (Flapper Girl)
I stumbled upon this article (below) from the 17 Oct 1930 edition of The Matawan Journal marking the beginning of girls soccer at what was then Matawan High School. No doubt the school board saw no harm in letting girls play this odd European sport in gym class since it was so cheap. Give 'em a ball and let them have at it.

The newspaper, on the other hand, seems to have seen soccer's prospects as a (boys) varsity sport before the school did, as the paper compared soccer's cost to that of football and hockey. No telling if either the school or the paper expected it to become a girls varsity sport. Girls were already playing in college. (see photo above from Florida State's 1930 yearbook.)

Ah, Title IX! So important to girls sports. I have my doubts that MRHS complies, given how much they spend on football, but the situation is much better than it was 80+ years ago. Baby steps, I guess.


The girls of Matawan High School are getting much enjoyment and physical activity out of a new game, soccer. Soccer is a very active, healthful and interesting game, and the girls are rapidly learning the rules and technique in their physical education classes and in practice after school hours. It is hoped that soon, soccer may become a varsity sport with some keen competition between the high schools of our area. Soccer is less expensive than hockey or football and affords activity for twice as many as basketball.

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  1. Despite MRHS's obsession with football, the girls soccer team of last fall triumphed spectacularly. Their hard work, dedication to the sport, individual talents, teamwork, and excellent coaching led to the most successful Matawan girls team ever. Hopefully with a new sports director at the high school, other teams will be able to reach equal heights in the future.