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Monday, January 16, 2012

Aberdeen Recycling May Become Easier in April 2012

Aberdeen Township hopes to change trash haulers as of 1 April, which should allow residents to throw cans, bottles, plastics and newspapers all into the same can and get rid of all recycling trash twice a month, according to a Township press release and APP. Such an arrangement would not only be easier for residents to manage, it would get the old cans and bottles out of the house more often. And there will be less of a penalty (a month's wait) for missing a recycling day.

If you're wondering, like I was, just how the sanitation company might deal with all our recyclables after we've jumbled them together and smooshed them into one big trash truck, see the Andela Pulverizer System for a discussion of how commingled recyclables can be processed. Presumably the new company will do something along these lines.

Until April, the current recycling regimen continues.


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