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Thursday, January 5, 2012

2012 Aberdeen Township Zoning Board

The Aberdeen Township Council was to consider Resolution 2012-2 at its 2 January 2012 reorganization meeting. With that resolution, the Council would appoint Thomas Bucco, George Falco and Sherry Gotell to four year terms (2012-2015) on the zoning board and David Phillips to a two year term (2012-2013) as Alternate No 1.

Mr Bucco was to be a reappointment, his 2008-2011 tour having just expired. Harvey Brenner's tenure on the board had also just expired, but he didn't re-up. He was moving instead to the Township Council, having recently been elected. The origin of the third person's four year term must involve Laronda Hobson's 2008-2011 vacant slot on the board. Mr Phillips was replacing Mr Falco as Alternate No 1 as Mr Falco moves up to full board membership.

The zoning board's reorganization meeting is typically held on a Wed eve in mid- to late January, so a meeting is due in the next week or so. Nothing is posted on the Township website yet. A new chair and vice chair must be chosen. The board will also go through the motions of selecting its other officers: attorney, planner, secretary, et al.

Below is the list of last year's (2011) zoning board members as it appeared on the unmodified Zoning Board page of the Aberdeen Township website as of 4 January 2012. (Tenures of service have been added based on research in past Council minutes, as indicated at bottom.)
  • Harvey Brenner (2008-2011) - Chair
  • Henry Arnold (2010-2013) - Vice Chair
  • Maureen Camillary (2011-2014)
  • Thomas Bucco (2008-2011)
  • Giusseppe (Joseph) Ciaglia (2009-2012)
  • Lyle Phelps (2010-2013)
  • George Falco (2010-2011) - Alternate No 1
  • Maxine Rescorl - Secretary
  • Marc Leckstein - Attorney
  • CME Associates - Engineer
  • Coppola & Coppola - Planner
Past Council minutes provide these details about the tenures of the 2011 members above:
  • Maureen Camillary was to be appointed to a four year tour (2011-2014) by the Township Council at its 4 January 2011 meeting, per Resolution 2011-2.
  • Henry Arnold and Lyle Phelps were to be appointed to four year tours (2010-2013) by the Township Council at its 1 January 2010 meeting, per Resolution 2010-10. George Falco was to become Alternate No 1 (2010-2011).
  • The contents of Resolution 2009-2, which approved Zoning Board members that year, are unavailable online, but the intention to nominate Giussepe Ciaglia to a four year term (2009-2012) was contained in the 6 January 2009 Workshop Minutes.
  • Harvey Brenner, Thomas Bucco, and Laronda Hobson were to be appointed to four year tours (2008-2011) by the Township Council at its , per Resolution 2008-8. Lisa Aviles was to fill the unexpired term of Edward Wysmierski (2008-2009) and Sam Vinson was to serve a two year term (2008-2009) as Alternate No 1.


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