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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Pull The Plug On Illegal Online Gun Sales - NYC Lays It Out For Us

40% of all gun sales are through private sellers. There are no background checks in a private sale, but the seller cannot sell a weapon to someone they suspect would not be able to pass a background check. It's illegal. Check out POINT, CLICK, FIRE! An Undercover Investigation of Illegal Online Gun Sales, sponsored by the New York City mayor's office. Their private investigators found that 62% of online sellers (125 sellers, 14 states) were willing to sell a gun to someone who told them they couldn't pass a background check. They have an interesting press release detailing the investigation, its results, and their recommendations. They also have more videos like the one below.

Given the unthinkable violence we've seen in our county, it is unwise to believe this is a NYC problem. It's everybody's problem.


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