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Monday, December 19, 2011

History: Christmas Tree Lights Are Safe (1931)

The 18 Dec 1931 edition of The Matawan Journal contained this JCP&L advertisement selling electric Christmas tree lights fire safety

Electric Christmas Tree Lights Are Safe

Back in the days of whatnots, bustles and whiskers, Christmas was a busy day for the fire department. But along came the incandescent lamp -- and that was changed. The proud papa playing Santa Claus replaced candles with electricity -- and could go through Christmas day without asbestos whiskers.

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Jersey Central Power & Light Co

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  1. Of course, there were the days in the late 1800s where "artificial" trees had branches made of feathers and the "lights" were actual tiny candles in holders that would spring clamp closed upon the branches. Talk about a fire hazard,...well, based on this... electric lights were a giant leap forward in the history of Christmas tree lighting.