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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Women's Rights Targeted in New Jersey

Amy Handlin is supporting a women's health bill promulgated by Republicans in Trenton that would restore some of last year's state aid cuts while excluding funding for Planned Parenthood. The Atlantic Highlands Herald, which seems to be publishing press releases under the guise of news reporting lately, published what looks to be a Republican press release touting the legislation as groundbreaking. More balanced coverage of the story can be found in The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Handlin's legislation is just the most recent salvo in a nationwide effort to diminish women's rights under the guise of a pro-life agenda. The Obama Administration is currently wrestling with Indiana over this effort, which is forcing thousands of women to stop obtaining family services and routine health checkups at Planned Parenthood. On Friday a Federal court rejected an Indiana law that restricted the use of Medicaid in that state to fund any services at Planned Parenthood. A New Jersey law will likewise face court action.


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