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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Paul's Place in Cliffwood

Aberdeen Town Council is voting this week on Ordinance No 5-2011, which vacates the township's interest in building a road in Cliffwood called Paul's Place. The road was penciled in over a hundred years ago but remained only a right of way. Named after Joseph Paul, a local resident and business owner, the road was first plotted in 1910 on the old Rose Farm. It was initially to be called First Street and situated in Cliffwood Heights. It didn't become Paul's Place until 1 June 1968. Based on the wording of the ordinance, the property is located between Lincoln and Stevenson Avenues, not far from where County Road crosses the railroad tracks. The property is being merged into a neighboring lot for a small fee and won't be able to be subdivided. I couldn't find anything about Mr Paul, for whom the road was named. Does anybody know his story?


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