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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Monmouth County 2011 Primary Election Sample Ballots; Aberdeen Twp Candidates

I received my Official 2011 Primary Election Sample Ballot in the mail this week. The election is Tuesday 7 June 2011. The polls are open from 6 am to 8 pm.

The Democrats have no nominee for state senator for the 13th legislative district, so watch for a write in campaign. The Republicans are running the incumbent Joe Kyrillos, Jr.

The other categories offer no contests except for possible write in campaigns.
  • The Republicans for General Assembly are incumbents Amy Handlin (District 13) and Declan O'Scanlon (District 12); the Democrats are running Kevin M Lavan and Patrick Short.
  • The Democrats have Michael Steinhorn for Surrogate; the Republicans are running incumbent Rosemarie D Peters.
  • The Republicans have Lillian G Burry and Gary Rich for Freeholders; the Democrats have Amy Mallet and William Shea.
  • For Aberdeen Town Council, the Democrats are running incumbent Greg Cannon and Harvey M Brenner, Robert L Swindle, and Concetta B Kelley; the Republicans are running Augustine T Toomey III, Kenneth M Aitkin, Sheilah Balavram, and Debra Delaney.
 Monmouth County's Election Division has not yet posted the digital versions of the primary sample ballots on its site this year. Lots of my readers like to see the sample ballot online. Unfortunately, as of this writing, the sample ballots link provided by Monmouth County Clerk reverts to the county's Election Division main page without explanation. Perhaps the ballots will be available on Monday? Today was the deadline for the post office to deliver the paper sample ballots to voters, so maybe the county doesn't want to steal their thunder??


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