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Sunday, March 20, 2011

A Short Stroll Through Matawan on the Hudson Trail

We took a walk today on the Henry Hudson Trail between Church Street and Route 79 in Matawan. We parked in the old Broad Street School parking lot off Church Street. We had the trail pretty much to ourselves. A young man was out with his son, who was making his way on a two-wheeler with training wheels. And a group of cyclists passed us.

The trail gives one a unique perspective on Matawan. You'll find yourself nearly a football field away from Broad Street with a different view of CVS, Walgreens, Mullaney's Tires, and Stewart's. You'll get a glimpse of Gravelly Brook and be surprised at how close the park is to Chicken Holiday on foot.

The Hudson Trail remains incomplete through our area. You can go north and east on the trail from Oak Shades near the corner of Lloyd Road, Gerard, and Clark. Or you can head south from Church Street in a different points in town. The section in between is overgrown, yet to be developed. Hopefully the county will complete the trail once the southern sections are finished.
I encourage you to take a stroll one day this spring and explore the Hudson Trail.
Entrance to Hudson Trail on Church Street near Broad Street in Matawan
The Hudson Trail has been cleared and paved a few blocks north of the Church Street entrance. That part of the trail parallels Orchard Street.
Another view of an old factory building along Church Street at the Hudson Trail.
Aberdeen Township has a redevelopment property across the street from the old factory on Church Street. The Hudson Trail passes by this large fenced in vacant lot on one side and the former Broad Street School property on the other.
The Hudson Trail follows an old rail line between Matawan and Freehold.
The Hudson Trail crosses Route 34 near Broad Street.
A view of Route 34 North from the Hudson Trail overpass.
The view of Route 34 South from the Hudson Trail overpass.
Gravelly Brook crosses under Route 34 within sight of the Hudson Trail.
Detail of Gravelly Brook south of Route 34.
Gravelly Brook just north of Route 34 near the Hudson Trail overpass.
Another view of Gravelly Brook north of Route 34.
Heavy brush covers the area between the Hudson Trail and the treeline that marks the Gravelly Brook ravine south of Route 34.
Gravelly Brook Park can be seen through the woods.
The Hudson Trail passes near where Broad Street meets Route 79.
A cycling club passed us along our way.


  1. So near to where I used to live on Main Street for many years!

  2. Wow! What a nice idea. I may take a stroll there also. Thanks Pat.