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Thursday, March 31, 2011

GOP Splits Three Ways on Freeholder Candidate; Tea Party Favorite Wins By Two Votes

The Monmouth County Republicans split 25-23-22 on their choice of candidate to run for Chosen Freeholder with incumbent Lillian Burry this November, according to APP. The Bayshore Tea Party favorite Gary Rich narrowly edged out two other GOP candidates; the tight race suggests sharp divisions within the Party. The Republicans are no doubt in turmoil as their adopted stepchildren pass out poison pills to their more moderate colleagues. Meanwhile, the federal government teeters on the edge of continuing devolution.

The Dems are scheduled to pick their candidates on Saturday.


  1. Totally disagree with you here. Gary Rich is an excellent choice, and it basically speaks to the Democratic process the County Republican party uses to select the candidate. Would the results suggest to you that all 3 candidates were equally impressive? It does to me. My prediction is that Gary will easily defeat Amy Mallet this November.

  2. No doubt all three are wonderful souls and I applaud the democratic process. I just find it interesting that two-thirds of local Republican stalwarts voted for someone other than Mr Rich. I suspect that if his competition hadn't been split, Mr Rich would not have won. Maybe you hadn't noticed, but there is a bit of a wrestling match for control of the Republican Party, so picking a Tea Party favorite is equivalent to taking votes away from the centrists. If that's what you want, fine. Maybe you think the Environmental Protection Agency has outlived its usefulness, the Federal government should go into default, and my 23 year old daughter should not be on my health plan? I have a far different opinion. I saw the Tea Party rabble at a local Pallone-Little debate last fall and they truly scared me. In my opinion, and it's just mine, Monmouth County voted for her primarily over high property taxes, an issue that has nothing to do with the federal government. People are clinging to hope that taxes can be lowered and they don't think about what comes next. I personally think a government led by Rich, Little, Paul, and Christie would be penny wise but soon destroy the fabric of our society. Go vote for Gary. I have other plans.