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Monday, March 28, 2011

Cartwarming Cliffwood Corner

There's never a lack of A&P shopping carts in the Cliffwood neighborhood. Yesterday there was one standing sentinel across the street from the store at the corner of Route 35 North and Cliffwood Avenue on that vacant lot where Burlew's Pizzeria used to stand.

So, what do you supposed happened? How did that cart get abandoned at a bus stop? It's intriguing, really. Maybe someone caught the bus and took their groceries to Perth Amboy? Of course they wouldn't need the cart anymore. So there it stands.  Or maybe someone was returning it to A&P and they were abducted by aliens? Don't be ridiculous.

I guess a shopping cart doesn't signal anything worse at that corner than the vacant lots and the abandoned Moore's Bar tell passers-by. The red "Thank you!" scrawled on the bar in red paint is especially decorative and heartwarming.

Hopefully this is one of the intersections to be upgraded by the state in FY 2012.


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