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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Patch Coming to Matawan-Aberdeen

Patch is a growing media phenomenon on the web. Their local hubs are providing news that the big papers simply can't. And we're due to get our own reporter soon. They've already set up a website. They offer a way for prospective readers to sign up to be notified when the site gets underway. I just signed up.Check the other locations -- they're now in Middletown, Holmdel and down the shore.


  1. Matawan-Aberdeen Patch is coming at last. I recommend you visit their website and register to have a copy sent to your email. Chelsea Naso, our local correspondent, has been conducting interviews and chasing down stories all over town. Watch for the first issue to be published sometime next week. If you have news stories or ideas for features, write to Chelsea through the Patch website.

  2. I thought of you first thing when I heard about the Patch. Hope you get the chance to share some of your interests there as well.

  3. I met with Chelsea for about an hour at Starbucks last weekend. She is going to add a link to my blog on the site, which is great. She invited me to submit content, but for now I'll be just alerting her to stories that need an investigative reporter to do some local interviews. I look forward to The Patch. BTW, there is a Patch in Aberdeen, MD, so if you do a web search and land on an Aberdeen story, make sure you're "here" and not "there." ;-)