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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Times Like These Apparently Call for Better Timing

The Asbury Park Press published an editorial Monday criticizing the Matawan Aberdeen Board of Education's unfortunate timing. Last week the board extended O'Malley's contract on the same evening they were cutting staff from the annual school district budget.

It's nice to know that the APP feels our pain, but why don't they actually decry the loss of education jobs? Irrespective of the fact that the state is apparently broke, why do the media excuse the governor and accept the inevitability of his honor's state aid cuts and the devastation they will cause to education, transportation, and other programs? Why does the APP stress the need for standardized superintendent contracts when it is clear that we cannot afford the number of superintendents and school districts we have in our state?

The State of New Jersey cannot continue with business as usual. And the media aren't doing enough to get things moving in a better direction.


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