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Saturday, March 20, 2010

APP Car Chase Story Misses A Few Points

An APP story tells the story of a traffic stop turned three-town car chase. Unfortunately, the reader is led to believe that the route is being fully detailed, but that is not the case.

I can find the residential neighborhood street in Marlboro where the whole thing started, but the trail quickly turns cold as a major section of roadway and a couple of side roads are left out of the tale. I presume the driver took a local road to Falson Lane and then got onto Texas Road, which briefly becomes Wilson Avenue. The driver would have jigged right on Route 79 and turned left onto Mill Road. At Route 34 the driver would have turned left to head through Matawan past the Buttonwood Manor. Unlike the story in the paper, the driver would have had to travel a couple more miles, not "just beyond" the restaurant, to get to Old Bridge Township, where the vehicle was stopped.

I'm not suggesting that the full routing was necessary in this minor article, but more careful wording could have made it clear that sections of roadway were being skipped over. As for how far it is to Old Bridge from the Buttonwood Manor, again careful wording can mitigate such errors.

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  1. Nah, technically if you drive about a quarter mile past the Buttonwood on 34, there's a "welcome to Old Bridge" sign. I work at Madison Center, which has a mailing address of Matawan, but is technically in OB/Middlesex County.