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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Things Are Getting Worse at Rte 35 N Exit onto Cliffwood Ave

Have you noticed the new wrinkle at the intersection where Route 35 northbound traffic exits onto Cliffwood Avenue? The usual fare is for two lanes to form, with some heading left towards the A&P and the others making a right towards Cliffwood Beach. Now, though, some people come off Route 35 to enter the Wawa food store and gas station, which is kinda like going straight across but with a zig and a zag. You really have to check with others to make that play. Don't they realize they can much more safely enter the lot directly from Route 35?

That exit merge area has always been a nightmare. But it has now gone simply mad. Certifiably crazy. Looney Tunes. Especially now that school has resumed and all those parents are taking kids to Cliffwood and MAMS in the mornings. No wonder the police assign a car there so often. Has anyone heard of plans for that lousy corner of the world? Closed or underdeveloped lots include the old auto parts store, the old Burlew's Pizza lot, the old Maytag laundry lot, the old pallets warehouse, and the old Eckert drug store. Doesn't the township care about that part of town? I've seen nothing in township newsletters hinting at proposed changes to the situation there. What sort of planning is going on?

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