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Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Rise of Cobra: Labor Day Fun and Excitement

Frankly, I was expecting Speed Racer when I went at my wife's insistence to see G I Joe: The Rise of Cobra. But the movie turned out to be great fun. Check out ReelzChannel's brief clips and interviews segment or spend some time with IMDB's slideshow.You need to see this one because they've already set up the next one by how this one ends.

You might remember Christopher Eccleston, who plays a big role in the flick, from the tv series Heroes back in 2007 and as Dr Who in the series of the same name back in 2005.

My biggest disappointment, or should I say annoyance, was seeing that Hazlet Multiplex has adjusted their soda prices to remove choice of size from your purchase options. The only choice now is to not buy a drink.  At a minimum, you can send National Amusements a complaint by email.

The current ridiculous soda prices are:
  • Small $4.25
  • Medium $4.50
  • Large $4.75
  • Humongous Pepsi with a lid and long straw $5.00


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