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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Snow Adds Two Days to Board Nominations Deadline

In an update to my earlier posting, Governor Corzine released a letter today extending the filing deadline statewide for potential Board of Education candidates to turn in their petitions due to the inclement weather we had here on Monday. Candidates now have until Wednesday 4 March 2009 4:00 pm to submit their paperwork. Ah, the suspense!

As for how the BOE handled the posting of this breaking news: the public notice appeared on the school district's home page under a scrolling collection of Announcements. Clicking on the public notice takes the user to an undated specially added page. The BOE also notified its email subscribers of the change in deadline. Not to be too picky, but people not on the mailing list who check the 2009 candidacy/election dates page directly are left unaware of the change in deadline. Perhaps in the future the webmaster should modify the candidacy/election dates page instead of creating a new page?


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