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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Greenwood Avenue Gone Wild!

There is a Green Acres-funded park near the waterfront in Cliffwood Beach. It was originally equipped with a recreation department hut, concrete benches and tables, bocce courts, shuffleboard, basketball courts, playground equipment, tennis courts, and a small parking lot. Today the basketball courts are about all that remains of what was first installed. The tennis courts have been converted to a rink for in-line skating. It was always a bit too breezy down at the shore to play tennis anyway. Vandals pretty much wrecked the rest. Some new playground equipment has been installed.

To get to the park, travel north on Cliffwood Avenue to West Concourse, then continue on Greenwood Avenue to Lakeshore Drive.

* Google Maps oddly has extended Greenwood Avenue across the park all the way to Whale Creek. Believe me when I tell you, it ain't so.

* Google Maps shows Greenwood Avenue connecting with Cliffwood Avenue. Seems to me that West Concourse connects with Cliffwood Avenue and the latter joins up with Greenwood. At least that's what the signs say.

* Google Maps says that Ocean Boulevard in the Cliffwood Beach section of Old Bridge in Middlesex County crosses the bridge over Whale Creek, passes the park and joins Lakeshore Drive. I've never seen a sign on the Monmouth County side to suggest what the name of that road is. Is it really Ocean Boulevard? People realize that's the bay out there, right?

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