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Sunday, March 1, 2009


I wrote a blog article a few days ago about a development planned for County Road near the Route 35 intersection in Cliffwood where Funtime America and a self-storage facility are located. The development is supposed to be called Renaissance at Aberdeen.

I drove by there yesterday to look around and snap a few photos. There is some activity on the site, possibly unrelated to the housing project, consisting of construction roads, a cinderblock foundation on a patch of cleared land, and quite a bit of yellow construction equipment. I didn't get a good look as much of the area is fenced off and unwelcoming, plus the woodlands look too dense for a casual stroll.

This property backs onto Whale Creek, which floods from time to time causing a huge traffic snarl as vehicles must detour from Route 35 onto side streets to get by. (Click View Larger Map on Google Map below to get Terrain view)

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