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Monday, March 23, 2009

Local Stories - March 2009

  • St. Joseph's Catholic School in Keyport is one of several Bayshore schools the Diocese of Trenton expects to close, according to the Independent.
  • A Cliffwood Girl Scout won an award for her work in organizing blood drives, per the Asbury Park Press.
  • Two Matawan Regional High School boys from Cliffwood Beach are to have their work displayed at Teen Arts Festival at Brookdale Community College, according to the Independent. The boys, both state champion polevaulters, fashioned a nearly 12 foot long mako shark model for art class.
  • Moore's Bar & Liquors on Route 35 in Cliffwood was ordered to pay $625,000 for serving alcohol to a drunken patron, who subsequently caused a car accident that blinded and paralyzed a man, according to the NJ Injury Attorney blog site.


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