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Monday, June 27, 2011

History: Matawan Railroad Station Photographs, 1905

The R Van Dyke Reid Photograph Collection, available for viewing at the South River Museum, contains 15 photographs of Matawan Station, about half of which are dated 1905 and the balance are undated. The museum, located in the Old School Baptist Church at 64-66 Main Street in South River, NJ, is operated by the South River Historical and Preservation Society.

List of Photographs
  1. George G Worthley's canning factory (1905)
  2. Employees in George G Worthley's canning factory (1905)
  3. H B Hulsart's restaurant (1905)
  4. A view towards Keyport from Matawan railroad station (1905)
  5. Flaked rice factory (undated)
  6. Aberdeen Inn (1905)
  7. Matawan railroad station (undated)
  8. A View Towards Matawan from Matawan Station (1905)
  9. A view towards the railroad bridge from Matawan railroad station (undated)
  10. A view from the railroad bridge northeast towards Matawan railroad station (undated)
  11. Employees of George G Worthley's canning factory (1905)
  12. Employees of George G Worthley's canning factory unloading tomatoes (undated)
  13. Matawan railroad station (undated)
  14. Samuel Fowler, horse, wife, child (undated)
  15. Girl holding books in front of flaked rice factory (undated)
Worthley's Canning Factory

The 8 Nov 1913 edition of the South Amboy Citizen reported the death of George G Worthley, who reportedly expired while reading a newspaper in his office near the Matawan train station. He was 63 years old.  His obituary reads as follows:

George G Worthley, proprietor of the canning factory adjacent to the railroad station at Matawan, expired while reading a newspaper in his office at the factory Monday afternoon. Mr. Worthley was sixty-three years of age and went to Matawan from Long Island City about ten years ago to operate the canning factory. He was associated with the late John Romain, in Long Island City, in the canning business for a  number of years before he went to Matawan. Mr. Worthley resided at Red Bank. He is survived by a widow and one son. He was a son of the late John Abbott Worthley, of Red Bank.

The 22 Oct 1936 edition of The Red Bank Register (image 3 of 30) says George G Worthley's canning factory at Matawan had the capacity to produce 5,000 gallons of catsup per day. The factory ran day and night.


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