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Saturday, March 20, 2010

MRHS Artists Participate in 2010 Teen Arts Festival

One or more Matawan Regional High School art students have work on display at the Teen Arts Festival at Brookdale Community College in Lincroft, according to Atlanticville. The "Figures of Speech" art exhibition is sponsored by the Monmouth County Arts Council (MCAC) and will be on display through 26 March in the CVA Gallery on campus. For more information, see also Red Bank Green's coverage.

It is hard to find Art at the MRHS website using the pulldown menus. I found no Art Club in the high school, and there is no guide to classes by subject matter, so I finally used the Google tool. After considerable searching, I landed on Mrs Barnes' Art Classes web page. It doesn't mention the art festival, only things from last year and the year before. Maybe another art teacher is handling the school's participation in the festival?

It would be great to have a topical directory to classes at the website, much like the activities directory. If there is such a guide, I missed it, so someone let me know where it is.


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