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Friday, March 26, 2010

African Americans in the Matawan Journal - 29 March 1935

Below is the second in my occasional series on African Americans mentioned in old articles in the Matawan Journal. My procedure is to publish the first article I find mentioning African Americans in a Matawan Journal dated 50, 75, or 100 years ago.

I'll let you decide whether this article about a performance in nearby Laurence Harbor by an all-colored cast of colored performers from the Second Baptist Church of Matawan, published in a Journal article written 75 years ago this week, leaves you with a more positive or negative impression.

Laurence Harbor P. - T. A. To Sponsor Performance

An entertainment will be held at the Laurence Harbor school tonight under the auspices of the Parent-Teacher Association group of the school. It will consist of a musical demonstration of negro dialect and spiritual songs rendered by an all-colored cast of colored performers under the direction of the Rev. William J. Hutchinscn, pastor, of the Second Baptist Church of Matawan. The Rev. Mr. Hutchinson is also a member of the local P.-T. A.

Proceeds realized on the affair will be turned over to the local school to pay for reference books recently purchased for the use of the children.

Source: The Matawan Journal, 29 March 1935, p. 9 col. 4.


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