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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Getting Around In Aberdeen-Matawan During Road/Bridge Construction

The assortment of construction equipment and materials at the corner of Rte 35 and Cliffwood Avenue has changed. They've brought in a large stock of relatively small diameter pipe and some land moving equipment. Most of the large numbered concrete pieces are gone. I've not attempted Route 35 north of Cliffwood Av since construction began, but there've been no northbound traffic backups that I've noticed. 

Not so Lloyd Road. The traffic on Lloyd yesterday was backed up from Church St all the way to Samaha's at Line Road. I suspect people were avoiding the Matawan Ave bridge closure and the delays at the Main St bridge construction, so the traffic light at Church backed up the increased flow. 

I noticed black plastic placed over the detour sign at the corner of Matawan Av and Cliffwood Av yesterday, but my instinct was not to attempt the bridge. It was only a subtle invitation that I had no time to test out. If it turned out to be a fool's errand, it could be hard to make a left onto Cliffwood Av from Myrtle. 

I prefer Cliffwood Av to Cross Rd to Middlesex Rd to Rte 34 for getting across town in this difficult time. I think we are in for another week of this. 


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