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Monday, July 15, 2013

Cliffwood and Cliffwood Beach Update - July 2013

Some updates about Cliffwood and Cliffwood Beach:

  • Bruno's on Cliffwood Avenue, near the railroad tracks, has closed. The property owner has a sign up seeking a business to lease the space. Two underground tanks of some sort were removed from the property in recent days, so it should be about ready for a new shop to occupy the space. I'll miss the old Hershey's chocolate sign that hung outside.
  • There is construction at the traffic light across from McDonald's at Amboy Avenue and Route 35. They've removed the curbs and seem to be widening the road on the A&P side of the highway. Perhaps they will widen the roadway there so traffic can enter and exit the A&P lot from the McDonald's traffic light? 
  • I suppose that is part of the overall construction project underway on Route 35. There are numbered concrete fittings piled up on the grass where Burlew's pizza parlor used to be, across from the Goodwill store. The fittings are marked with the letters "CB," plus numbers, probably indicating how they fit together to carry the creek under Route 35. Just think: We could be flood free soon, unless of course another Sandy comes along and floods the whole area. Let's not think about that.
  • Have you noticed something odd with the left arrow when you are exiting Cliffwood Beach on Cliffwood Avenue at Route 35? The left arrow goes away but the light remains red for about two seconds before turning green. If you are approaching when the arrow disappears, do you stop? Or do you get mad when others stop? Oh, and, by the way, do you get mad when people wait to cross into the far lane and enter the A&P lot, keeping others from making the left turn onto Route 35? But I digress. . . .
  • The Cliffwood Beach seawall was seriously undercut by Sandy, leaving maybe half a dozen of the concrete sidewalk sections uneven and at an angle. There is also at least one section of rail missing. I hope repairs to the seawall are part of the Governor's relief package. Or maybe we could ask the UAE for some help?
  • Finally, the dry cleaners in the A&P shopping center is closed. I guess too many folks have been using those dryer sheets from the grocery store.


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