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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Detour? Do Tell.

Aberdeen Township never bothered to let residents know that the railroad bridge on Matawan Avenue would be closed but didn't hesitate to post and circulate a notice about a  Partial Road Closure on Lower Main Street. I suspect the Matawan Avenue bridge is at the border of Matawan and Aberdeen and therefore the Township felt it didn't warrant a notice.

Certainly Aberdeen officials can see, if only after the fact, that their residents are affected nonetheless and should have been provided notice. Actually I still don't really know what it going on with the bridge closing or how long it will last, so letting us know now would not be a wasted effort unless the bridge work is going to finish on Thursday.

Aberdeen officials don't seem to have considered that travel between Cliffwood, Cliffwood Beach and points south (and vice versa) is going to be severely, severely affected by the combination of the two closures. Didn't anyone think about this? Really?? I guess we get to take an even wider detour around the Borough to get from one side of the Township to the other. Joy.

Aberdeen officials always brag about their road projects when it comes to re-election bids. When they go to the polls and are pondering who to vote for, residents should make sure to remember the capable management (or lack thereof) that went into road projects.

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  1. They did have the signs out in advance with the start date ...it open now