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Sunday, February 12, 2012

History: LaParee Undergarment Company, Matawan (1944-1949)

LaParee Undergarment Company operated at 3-5 Johnson Avenue at the railroad station in Matawan, according to an advertisement that appeared on page 2 of the 12 Feb 1948 edition of The Matawan Journal. They were looking for 50 Girls - Women to learn to do some light sewing. The company would pay 60 cents an hour while the new hires learned to sew. Plus they offered paid vacation. Floor girls were also wanted.

This wartime help wanted ad appeared in the Journal's 16 Nov 1944 edition. the earliest mention I could find of the company in this newspaper. The company was carried as an essential industry and War Manpower Commission (WMC) rules had to be observed.

OPERATORS. EXPERIENCED and LEARNERS on all types of sewing machines. Essential industry. LaParee, 5 Johnson Ave.. Matawan; WMC rules observed; opposite railroad station.
These were the last mentions of the company in the Journal, page 4 of its 13 Oct 1949 edition.

WOMEN—Experienced operators on all types of underwear machines steady or part time work. Charles F.
Fliss • 5 Johnson Ave., Matawan, opposite R.R. station, LaParee Undergarment Co.
GIRLS—Learn to operate all types of underwear and sewing machines. Steady work. LaParee undergarment
Co,, Johnson Ave., Matawan, opp R.R. Station.

The company was among a group of companies with unfortunate French names that received some humorous attention from the author of The Talk of the Town in the 8 Jan 1938 edition of The New Yorker.


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