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Saturday, February 4, 2012

1940 US Census Nearly Here!

The 1940 United States Federal Census is being released this year! According to the 72-Year Rule, the National Archives will release the records digitally on 2 April 2012. You'll be able to peruse the 1940 census online. I look forward to finding my parents, both still living at home with their parents on the eve of war. The census enumeration apparently even will tell you where a person was 5 years earlier. How cool is that?

I subscribe to Ancestry.com, a genealogy pay service that provides a huge assortment of valuable records online. If you're at all interested in creating a family tree, or interested in researching local history, I recommend that you consider Ancestry. The added value you will receive from an Ancestry subscription is their incredible index. It's amazing.

Ancestry should begin to post the 1940 census images and index the data as soon as they receive the images from NARA.That's what happened when the 1930 census was released.


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