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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

2012 Aberdeen Township Environmental and Shade Tree Advisory Board

According to Resolution 2012-31, the following persons are being appointed later today by the Township Council to one-year terms (thru 31 Jan 2013) on the Aberdeen Township Environmental and Shade Tree Advisory Board.

It looks like Robert Berardo is the only new regular member. It is unclear whom he is replacing. A new alternate member and two new students are being named. Here is the roster:

Regular Members
  • Frank Huza
  • Michele Devanny
  • Valerie David
  • Chris Mularadelis
  • Robert Berardo
Alternate Members
  • Alec Smith
Student Members
  • Nairooti Patel
  • Radhika Kumar

I couldn't find last year's appointments resolution, nor that of the year before. As far as I can discern, the Board's makeup was last presented on the Board's web page on 22 Oct 2010. At that time, there were 7 members for 9 slots (5 members, 2 alternates, plus 2 optional non-voting high school students), with only Mr Huza labeled as to his position (Chair). (I note below what I found on that page as it will likely be updated soon.)
  • Frank Huza - Chair
  • Michelle DeVanney
  • Valerie David
  • Chris Mularadelis
  • Brian Murray
  • Paul Rinear
  • Grace Musumeci
I was able to find the appointees for the 2005 Board (Feb Workshop Meeting), 2006 Board (Feb Workshop Meeting), 2007 Board (Resolution 2007-33 and 2007-77) and 2008 Board (Resolution 2008-28 and Nov Workshop Meeting). I found no official resolutions after that.Perhaps someone else can find those resolutions at the Township website and bring them to my attention?

The Board is authorized based on 2-47.3 [Article IX (Boards, Committees and Commissions) Chapter II (Administration)] of the Aberdeen Municipal Code. Here's the wording,as retrieved from ClerkBase:

2-47.3    Environmental and Shade Tree Advisory Board.

       a.     Creation; Members. There shall be an Environmental and Shade Tree Advisory Board known as the Environmental and Shade Tree Advisory Board of the Township of Aberdeen. The Board shall be composed of five (5) persons and two (2) alternates, who shall be appointed by the Township Council for terms ending January 31 of each year, the Chairman of which is to be elected by a majority of the members thereof each year. The Board shall also consist of two (2) non-voting advisory positions, which shall be open to students enrolled in Matawan-Aberdeen Regional High School who shall be appointed by the Township Council to terms ending January 31 of each year.
       b.     Duties and Functions. The Environmental and Shade Tree Advisory Board's duties and functions shall be as follows:
         1.     Study, review and determine the existing quality of the air and waterways in the Township.
         2.     On behalf of the Township Council, receive and investigate allegations of air or water pollution in the Township; advise the Council of any findings and offer recommendations.
         3.     Study, review and determine the desirability of a Township reclamation-recycling program; advise the Council of its findings and recommendations; administer such a program if the Council so determines.
         4.     Provide comments to the Planning Board regarding the environmental impact of proposed projects and developments within the Township.
         5.     Study ways to improve the quality of the physical environment within the Township; advise the council of its findings and recommendations.
         6.     Perform any other studies or functions as directed by the Township Council.
         7.     The Board shall have the following additional duties and functions;
        (a)        To advise and make recommendations to the Planning Board concerning shade trees.
        (b)        To advise the Township Manager concerning:
            (1)        The regulation, planting and care of shade and ornamental trees, shrubbery now located or which may hereafter be planted in any public highway or parkway, including the planting, trimming and spraying, care and protection thereof.
            (2)        The regulation and control of the use of the ground surrounding the same so far as may be necessary for the proper growth, care and protection.
            (3)        Moving or requiring the removal of any tree or part thereof dangerous to public safety.
            The Environmental and Shade Tree Advisory Board shall annually file a written report with the Township Council relating the functions and activities of the Environmental and Shade Tree Advisory Board for the previous year.
(1973 Code § 2-21.4; Ord. No. 1-1981; Ord. No. 2-1992)


  1. there is the terhune park in matawan main street and right now it could use renovations which will help stabilize the environment.

    1. The park was donated to the Borough as a bird sanctuary in 1930. It's a special spot. What specific renovations would you recommend? Do you see risks to the environment there? Are there aspects of the park that are indeed unstable and need improvement? I explored the creek that runs behind the park some time back. Personally I'd like to see the creek incorporated rather than hidden. I doubt there is budget for improvements however. I sometimes think the taxpayers of Matawan are so angry that they have abandoned hope for a quality of life in their burg.

    2. I agree with you the creak behind the park, its a big space and no one has done anything about it. what I think would also be necessary is first to put a fence that separates the creek from the park because it could prove dangerous to little kids. The park itself is way too "open." There should be allot more trees added. For example the trees by the creek are not needed because over there its way to dirty and allot of bugs. So instead by putting the trees in the actual park (along side the road for more privacy) will show more greenery.

    3. It's kinda hard to feel like you're "in" Terhune Park because the lawn is so vast and sloping. Landscaping could help. Some more trees could help. The Borough actually paid an architect to design the park back in 1931. I posted the approved diagram of the park on my blog a couple of weeks ago. It's a great space, but I agree it isn't quite right. It should be quite pretty for the next couple of weeks with all the wonderful blooming trees in the area.

    4. where exactly is the diagram on your blog because im not able to find it.

    5. March 4th I wrote a piece called History: Plans Approved for Terhune Park, Matawan (1931). If you click the "Parks" label on the main page, it will be the second article that appears on the left.

  2. Honestly the plan looks so much better than the actual park right now. I like the way the trees are placed at the edges of the park which makes the park stand out. Adding more trees and bushes will also create contrast between the park and the town.