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Monday, May 23, 2011

Tall Grass

Cliffwood Avenue at Route 35 across from A&P in Cliffwood.

Route 35 at Amboy Road across the street from McDonald's in Cliffwood.

Broadway at Route 35 near Town & Country Inn in Keyport.

Route 35 jughandle at Cliffwood Avenue across from Goodwill in Cliffwood

Route 35 U-turn near Home Depot in Keyport.
Has anyone else noticed how damned tall the grass is getting along our public roads? There is high grass obstructing drivers' views at key merges along Route 35 at Town & Country Inn in Keyport, at the jughandle near Home Depot in Keyport, and at Cliffwood Avenue in Cliffwood Beach. I simply can't see oncoming traffic anymore.

As I understand it, our local municipalities have a joint contract for grass cutting and lawn maintenance with Mark Landscaping of Jamesburg. Are they responsible for the sorry state of affairs?


  1. I sure have. Its terrible along the exits and entrances up and down route 9 as well. A real safety hazard. Maybe its a state wide problem.

  2. My wife and I went out this evening and got some pictures of the tall grass along Route 35. I've included them in the original article, which I have updated.

    A small margin was mowed near Town & Country in Keyport, but it looked like they had their own service neating up their lot. It was done since yesterday. The rest of the grass has gone to seed and appears to be at full length.

  3. My wife and I were commenting on that jughandle of cliffwood and 35 (where A&P is). Just awful and it certainly will be a hazard until someone ends up in a wreck over there.

  4. I've seen a lot of this tall grass recently as well. There was a tall grassy area at the corner of Lakeshore and Greenwood for the longest time. In fact, we almost got creamed by someone who came out of Greenwood and neglected to stop. We drive a small sports car which is low to the ground, so obviously the other driver did not see us (past the grass). Luckily we all avoided an accident, but I would hate to see how ugly that could have gotten when the blame game began. They have since mowed a section of that area to create a better line of sight.

    I am also sure that the grass and weeds is doing nothing for the insect population (namely the never ending battle with mosquitoes) that Cliffwood Beach has to deal with from early May until mid-October!

    Anyone else in CB notice that the mosquitoes are out in force? I did some yard work over the weekend, and even covered in Deep Woods Off, I still got bitten up, and the darn mosquitoes were swarming! Also each time I take my dog out, I have to check her for mosquitoes (which are on her or hovering around her).

    It's getting ridiculous! It's not much fun to sit out in your own yard when you become the meal to the bugs!

    Anyone have any idea when they are going to begin spraying? Or if they have the budget for the larvacide for the marshy areas (namely in my case) along Lakeshore Drive??

  5. The grass is growing tall again. I wonder if the plan is to let the grass grow tall enough to obscure the "Sept. 10 Aberdeen Day" sign at the A&P jughandle, so we won't remember that they just forgot to go and pick it up.