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Saturday, May 21, 2011

MAPL Book Sale Big Hit

The Friends of the Matawan Aberdeen Public Library (MAPL) held a successful book sale last weekend. After the Matawan Police closed the street outside the library, the Friends put out tables of fiction, non-fiction, science fiction, and everything in between for people to peruse. Customers were charged $5 for a bag of books, or $1 for individual hardbacks and $0.50 for paperbacks.

Laurie Creed, manager of the Matawan Starbucks, did a great job as chair of the book sale. A number of local high school students helped the Friends with the heavy lifting. Library trustees Kimberly Paone (Librarian) and Greg Cannon (Aberdeen Town Council) each dropped by to show their support.


  1. I thought that Cannon was the one who got rid if long time library director Susan Pike. He also helped the council seize funds from our library, didn't he?

  2. Mr Cannon is a member of the library's board of trustees and was recognized for his support of the book sale. He and his colleagues work hard in service to the community and we should honor that.

    To your points: Mr Cannon is only one member of a board that made the decisions you speak of. An influential member, but only one.

    I agree that things could have been handled better with Susan, and I'll never understand why Kimberly struggles under a restrictive budget just to give money back at year's end because the library was granted too much money. But the board voted for these things, not one man.

    Municipal officials have the right to appoint representatives to library boards in this state. It's rare that they actually serve on the boards themselves, but they have the right to do so. We're just lucky, I guess, to have two.

    You and I have no say in who serves on our local board, but we do have a vote every once in a while on the people who pick the board.

  3. Gee, too bad I missed Greg's visit.....