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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Armed Robbery on Atlantic Avenue in Matawan

The Matawan Police Department has issued an artist's conception of one of a pair of men who allegedly committed armed robbery on Atlantic Avenue near the Aberdeen-Matawan train station late on 26 April 2011, according to The Asbury Park Press.

I can't help but wonder why the sketch wasn't published for two weeks? Did it take that long to be produced? Or did it take that long for APP to print it?

Also, this sort of story leaves commuters to worry that they might be robbed one evening after coming home from the city. It seems reasonable to wonder why four men were out on Atlantic Avenue after 11 pm on a Tuesday night in April, but neither the police nor APP have offered any insights into that aspect of the story. I checked the rail schedules and found it unlikely that the victims had emerged from a NJ Transit train that evening. 

Maybe someone can add a comment to the blog and fill us in on what happened on Atlantic Avenue that night?


  1. I would like to know where on Atlanic Ave? The side between the train and Lower Main St. or the side between the train and Little St. because there is a big difference. On one side, I can see this happening and on the other, I can not.

  2. An anonymous post to this article was lost due to problems experienced by Google between Wednesday and Friday. Feel free to post the comment again. As I recall, you were asking for details about where the holdup took place.

  3. Yes, I was just wondering which side of Atlantic this happened on, whether it was on the part of Atlantic between the tracks and Lower Main Street, or whether it was on the part of Atlantic between the tracks and say the high school... and furthermore, if the Matawan police were involved and not the Aberdeen police, that would mean it was on the Northbound side of Atlantic Ave (the side if one is driving from the station toward the high school)