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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Holly House Apartments Evacuated; Red Cross, Salvation Army Provide Relief

A bizarre chain of events has forced 76 residents of Holly House Apartments, 100 Drury Avenue, Asbury Park to vacate 42 affected units. According to reports from the scene, an errant city plow gouged a utility pole yesterday morning, prompting the phone company to replace the pole. They damaged a gas line while installing the pole, resulting in evacuation of the building. The gas company then blew a power transformer while repairing the gas line. JCP&L proceeded to cause a chain of additional transformers to blow while attempting the installation of refurbished equipment. The repairs continue at this hour. Hopefully residents will be able to return to their homes later tonight once power is restored.

Up to 35 persons have sought refuge across the street at Asbury Park High School, where the Jersey Coast Regional Chapter of the American Red Cross has set up a shelter with half a dozen or so volunteers on any given shift. The Salvation Army provided hot dogs, hamburgers, french fries, and snacks today for those displaced by the outages. The scene has been visited by the local mayor, city manager, and the president of the board of education, among others.

Consider donating to or volunteering for the American Red Cross. You can help your community in lots of ways.

25 Jan Update

The Asbury Park Press finally published a story on this incident after receiving a press release from the Red Cross.


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