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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Aberdeen and Matawan Sidewalks Impassible

How are kids in Matawan and Aberdeen supposed to get to school with many of the sidewalks impassable? I was looking at the sidewalks along Matawan Avenue between Aberdeen Road and MAMS, for example. Where are the kids going to walk to get across the Garden State Parkway? They'll be walking in the street. Same along Cliffwood Avenue on the way to the elementary school there.

The elderly are in the same situation. Even worse, actually, since they aren't as agile as a young teenager or pre-teen. I just got to the Matawan Aberdeen Public Library and watched as an elderly lady with a walker made her way to the library down Broad Street because the sidewalk was so dangerous for her.

I don't envy the Public Works folks for the challenges they face, but piles of snow plowed along the side of the road remain unaddressed and make it difficult for our kids to get to school safely. I'm not sure what the answer is, but a metal plate in one of our kids' heads shouldn't be the default. We've had kids hit by cars because they walked in the roadway because of covered sidewalks. More care needs to be directed to the plight of those youngsters.


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